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Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Biking and Hiking

Despite having earned the name "The Steel City," Pittsburgh is bursting with natural beauty, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. With over 4400 miles (well over 7000 km) of walking and cycling trails, heading to the wondrous outdoors is an absolute must when visiting the city.

The center of Pittsburgh offers some excellent Urban cycling routes through the cityscape and various parks, which are perfect for morning exercise or getting to know the area faster. For walking, trails such as the Three River Heritage Route combine the best of the city's historic monuments with the sprawling woodlands that surround them. You really don’t need to go far to find a pleasant day hike.

When it comes to those looking for something more challenging, the neighboring foothills of the Allegheny Mountain Range are a treasure trove of awe-inspiring landscapes and unforgettable experiences. On foot or wheels, the dramatic landscapes and diverse terrains make for quite the adventure!

Go to the Park

Forget whatever images you have in mind of a grassy lawn with a bench or two dotted around: Pittsburgh parks are in a league of their own. All year round, a day at the park is a firm favorite amongst Pittsburghers and tourists alike.

In summer, multiple parks host concerts and performances on their grounds for the public to enjoy. You can find sports halls, ball fields, and outdoor swimming pools for everyone to enjoy. Regarding the kids, play parks and educational, environmental centers are fabulous entertainment.

Parks are still a viable option in winter. Walking through the trees on a crisp December afternoon can feel quite magical, especially if you follow it up with a trip to one of the open-air ice rinks and a nice hot cocoa.

The Phipps Conservatory Botanic Gardens are particularly worthwhile to visit with children. They have an excellent educational program teaching the new generation about nature conservation and cultivation - not to mention it’s a pretty peaceful place to sit and spend a while.

Check Out the Art

Pittsburgh has a buzzing art scene, with some of the most exciting modern and contemporary art museums in the country. You can’t pass through without stopping in at a few of the incredible museums and art galleries that help put Pittsburgh on the culture map.

The city is home to the world-famous Andy Warhol Museum. This mammoth dedication to the modern-day icon is the biggest in the world of its kind and houses an unrivaled collection of his works. Buying a ticket a little in advance is advisable to ensure entry at a time that suits you.

Another leading name in the art world that Pittsburgh is proud to be home to is the Carnegie Museum of Art. Known worldwide for the coveted and highly regarded Carnegie Prize, this art museum holds an inspiring international collection of works. Try to plan your trip to visit on a Thursday afternoon, when entry is free!


The woodland and mountainscape surrounding the city is the perfect breeding ground for countless bird species, making it ideal for a bit of nature spotting. Frick Park alone is home to well over 100 different species and is a top spot for sightings.

You can also visit the National Aviary to get up close and personal or to arrange an unforgettable day for the little bird enthusiast in your family.

Eat and Drink on the Strip District

History and nature are bountiful in Pittsburgh, but you deserve to unwind at the end of the day. The Strip District is the vibrant trend center of the city where everyone (who is anyone) goes to eat, drink, and shop. Famed for the quirky t-shirt stands, gourmet sandwich shops, and trendy bars, a walk through this part of town is sure to have you feeling young and hip by the end of the day.

Although primarily a drinking and dining scene, the Strip District is also home to the Pittsburgh Opera and National History Museum.

Try to Find All the Bridges

Finding all the bridges may be tricky, considering Pittsburgh has more of them than any other city in the world! At a total of 446, there is little doubt about how the name "The City of Bridges" came to be.

Pittsburgh's bridges are a defining feature of the city and an integral part of its history. Try to find the city's oldest bridge at Smithfield Street or the biggest- McKees Rocks. Finding all 446 is no mean feat, but why not see how many you can tick off and how much history can learn along the way.


A quick visit to Pittsburgh, or even an extended stay, is sure to be filled with adventures and memories. The city is overflowing with historical and cultural significance as well as incredible natural beauty. Whatever the purpose of your visit and for however long, the Pittsburgh neighborhood is a great place to be. Talk to the Kelley Financial Group about saving up for your next trip to Pittsburgh.

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