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Kevin Bires Headshot_edited.jpg

Kevin Bires

Director of Client Relations

Phone: (412) 286-1981

Fax: (412) 286-1981


Kevin is a passionate advocate for client success, fueled by a love for connecting people, exploring cultures, and being a self-proclaimed ambassador of all things "Pittsburgh," With over 20 years of experience in policy, procedure, relationship management, and human resources, Kevin brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every endeavor.

Areas of Expertise

  • Client Success: Passionate about understanding client needs and exceeding expectations, delivering solutions that empower and delight.

  • Relationship Management: Building bridges across industries and personalities, cultivating trust and long-standing partnerships.

  • Business Development: Unlocking new opportunities with strategic thinking and a knack for building rapport.

  • Event Planning: Orchestrating impactful and memorable experiences, from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences.

Outside the Office 

  • Global Wanderer: Driven by a thirst for cultural discovery Kevin travels the world with his fiancée, savoring diverse cuisines, customs, and perspectives.

  • Spoiling Reginald: A devoted dog parent to a senior corgi named Reginald, Kevin understands the joys (and fur) of unconditional love.

  • Family & Friends: Cherishing deep connections, Kevin finds strength and laughter in the embrace of loved ones.

  • Pittsburgh Ambassador: Bleeding Black & Gold, Kevin champions the spirit of Pittsburgh, fiercely supporting its sports teams and vibrant culture.


An ambassador for all things Pittsburgh, he loves building bridges within the city of bridges and beyond. Whether traveling the world with his fiancée and their corgi, Reginald, or cheering on the Black & Gold, Kevin infuses passion and genuine connection into every aspect of life.

Building Your Financial Future

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