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Retirement Planning With The Kelley Financial Group

Plan for a comfortable retirement with our retirement planning services. It’s time to think ahead and secure your financial future.


The future is a scary thing, especially when it comes to looking after long-term finances. Retirement planning is something that far too many people put off or brush aside as something to deal with later. The truth is, there is no better time to start preparing for the future than now, and the team at The Kelley Financial Group is here to help.

What Is Retirement Planning

Implementing a plan for what comes next after the working years are over is the first step in retirement preparation. It is all about investing and planning now so that things can be taken care of later in life rather than struggling to find the necessary finances to support a way of living. 

A successful retirement plan allows a person to continue living comfortably and independently- able to fulfill their goals, dreams, and hopes for the later chapters of their lives. It comes down to strategic saving and investing based on a predicted financial requirement and cost of living. A person is never too late to begin working on a plan, but the sooner they do, the better prepared they can be. 

One way to help create a strategic plan for your financial future is to consult with an advisor who cares about and understands the importance of a person’s goals and can help them put the things in place now that will benefit them then. 


The Kelley Financial Group has years of experience in guiding businesses and individuals through complex financial matters.

Why Is It Essential to Plan Ahead for Retirement?

In short, failure to properly plan for retirement can leave people in a vulnerable financial position when they are no longer able to work. It can force people to work for longer than they should- simply because they cannot afford to stop. 


Without sufficient retirement savings, a person can be left with little to no way of supporting themselves, let alone enjoying themselves after a lifetime of work. Most people look forward to retirement as a time to spend with loved ones or achieve the things they didn’t get to do before, but these things are often not possible without funds in the bank. 


A person who does nothing to plan for their retirement is leaving their future in the hands of fate and may find themselves facing serious hardship. Someone who plans- even if they don’t have a lot- could be already in a better position. The person who takes active steps to set themselves up as best they can confidently pursue their retirement goals.

Retirement Planning by Age

Before 35

Most people have not even started to think about retirement at this age, but it may be the optimal time to begin taking small steps where possible. Even setting small amounts aside can be a great start to a long-term retirement plan.

35 to 50

These are prime saving years and could be the ideal time to start preparing for the long-term. Most people are at their peak income level during this time, making it ideal for putting money aside for investments and savings plans- both as an individual and through their employers. 

Between 50 and Retirement Age

Many people find that their outgoings drop later in their middle age, leaving them with more spare income to invest in their retirement. It is also the time to potentially take fewer risks and put more solid plans in place- especially if they don’t already have them. Reassessing accounts, pensions, insurances, and estate details are often on the to-do list at this stage. 

Things to Consider

Preparing for the financial future is daunting, with many elements to consider before launching into preparations. 

Financial Goals

First and foremost, a person must consider what they want to get out of their retirement. What do they want to have set aside by the time retirement arrives on their doorstep, and what can they do to make it possible?


They should think about:


  • What age they aim to retire

  • How much money they want to have

  • An average expected spend per year

  • What they can afford to save

  • Any additional expenses above and beyond their standard planned expenditure

  • How much they need to save each year to achieve their goal

  • What existing assets they have that may come into play

Average Outgoings

Goal setting is only one-half of the story. The other is the outgoing money between now and then. When piecing together a savings plan of any kind, a person must consider their current cost of living and what they need to keep fluid and available. 


Furthermore, they should think about how those outgoings may change after they retire to determine what is manageable and what is not. 


Think about:


  • Mortgage or rent

  • Car payments

  • Debt payments

  • Bills

  • Optional financial commitments 

  • Obligatory financial commitments 

Account Options

The success of a retirement plan often comes down to the types of accounts used to save. There are many options available, each with its own benefits, and understanding what they all mean can seem overwhelming. Luckily, with professional assistance, finding personalized strategies is possible.

Some of the possibilities include:


  • 401 (k)

  • IRA

  • Roth IRA


There are also investment options to consider helping boost savings, which come with a whole other set of ins and out to discuss with an experienced advisor. 


Insurance is an integral part of retirement planning. Age does not come alone and making allowances for health care provisions and assets protection can be an important consideration. Additional services on top of standard Medicare are available with some planning, including insurance annuities, which work similarly to pensions. 


Managing tax efficiency before and after retirement can be helpful to avoid losing significant portions of savings. Considering the options early helps to get ahead of the situation and address potential issues.

How Can the Kelley Financial Group Assist?

Through each step of the planning process, The Kelley Financial Group team provides insight and guidance to pursue retirement goals. Whatever stage an individual is at, professional consultants can help them arrange their finances in a better, more efficient way for retirement purposes. 


  • They work to understand client goals and concerns.

  • Every case is handled with a personalized and tailored approach.

  • The team has a deep understanding of tax law and allowances related to investing.

  • After helping build the plan, they support when the time comes to act. 


Contact Our Experts Today Experienced Advisors Today to Begin your Journey to Financial Independence


Call now to schedule an appointment with a dedicated and professional retirement planning advisor in Pittsburgh, PA, and prepare for your future. At The Kelley Financial Group, the consultants work closely with clients to understand their goals and how to pursue them, so they can count on the service and advice they deserve. 


This material is prepared for The Kelley Financial Group’s use. 


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which strategies or investments may be suitable for you, consult the appropriate qualified professional prior to making a decision. 


The Kelley Financial Group and LPL Financial do not offer tax or legal advice or services. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.

Building Your Financial Future

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