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Wealth Management Planning 

Professional wealth management services help people invest their hard-earned money in the best way. We are dedicated to helping clients make intelligent investments.


Earning wealth is hard, and keeping it is harder. Especially if you rely on it to retire and live the life you want.


Anyone looking forward to investing in something or just keeping their wealth should consider hiring a financial advisor. 


Many think that financial advisors are just for millionaires with several businesses, and while they could use a financial advisor too. 


The problem with hiring a financial advisor is that it’s not easy for everyone to hire someone to manage their funds, and some could be unsure or hesitant to trust a person they don’t know. Fortunately, The Kelley Financial Group is here to help anyone who needs financial advice on how to manage and plan their wealth.

Understanding Wealth Management and Planning 

It’s difficult to hire a financial advisor if the person hiring them doesn’t know what they can do or why they are hiring the expert. Wealth management is not the same as wealth planning and understanding that difference is a key part of the whole process. 


People talking about wealth management refer to managing actual wealth the client already has, and that means advising clients on where they should put their assets and what they should invest in to keep their wealth and expand it. 


Affluent clients often hire wealth management services since doing it helps them diversify their portfolios and potentially expand their wealth. Nonetheless, wealth planning represents something that, as mentioned before, could help people at any stage of their lives, and anyone able to afford it should start thinking about wealth planning. 


Structuring clients’ wealth while building it is some of the primary goals of wealth planners, and they work and manage people’s daily finances to help them make financially wise decisions for the future. Wealth planning works similarly to wealth management but on a lower scale and includes things such as tax mitigation strategies and estate planning. 


The Kelley Financial Group has years of experience in guiding businesses and individuals through complex financial matters.

What Do People Get When They Hire Wealth Management Services?

Many services are included in wealth management and planning, and anyone hiring a good financial firm, such as The Kelley Financial Group, can enjoy those benefits. Here are the main services people get when paying for wealth management planning:

Financial Planning 

Financial planning includes many things, but in a nutshell, it consists of studying the financial status of a person to see which decisions are best for that person to pursue regarding their financial goals. Thus, the first step to financial planning is setting the goals the client has for themselves or their businesses. 


Most services coming from financial firms include financial planning due to how much this service covers. After setting financial goals, it’s essential to analyze all the details related to that person’s financial life, including their sources of income, tax situation, real estate, assets, and previous investments. 


Since financial planning includes many things within the same service, it addresses things such as taxes, savings, real estate, and investments. 


If a financial advisor has already made the analysis needed of the budget and financial situation of the person they are helping, the next step is to guide them through all the decisions they need to make to pursue their goals. 

Investment Management 

Investment management comes after financial planning since financial advisors need information coming from a prior analysis to tell their clients what investments are appropriate for them. As its name suggests, investment management involves managing the assets clients want to invest in. 


Naturally, this only applies to investors and people who want to build a strong portfolio for the future. Depending on what the person’s goals are, financial advisor may recommend them some specific assets to invest in that could get them closer to that goal. 

Insurance and Risk Management 

Risk management is an important financial service related to wealth management since it helps people understand the potential risk to their wealth and how to plan for accordingly. Some examples of risks are credit risks, market risks, and strategic risks. 


Insurance management pays for the damages if one of the risks mentioned before occurs, and dealing with those things is not easy, so people should manage things with a financial advisor who can tell them what to do to help mitigate loss.

What’s the Best Way to Manage My Wealth?

Managing wealth can be complicated, so people often hire financial advisors to help them. Even if the person trying, knows a thing or two about wealth management, taking on all that alone is too much of a risk for them.

Many see this as a waste of money or think financial advisors are too expensive for them to pay, but it’s because they see financial experts as an expense rather than an investment. 


It’s true hiring wealth management services costs people a fee, but paying that fee provides clients access to knowledgeable advisors who can guide a client toward financial independence. Additionally, financial advisors can help their clients make appropriate investments for them to help expand their wealth, which only adds up to the list of benefits. 

The advisors with The Kelly Financial Group offers wealth management and planning services and many other things, such as budget analysis, debt management, and retirement planning, so it’s the company to call whenever someone needs financial help.

Wrapping Up 

People could start their journey to improve their financial situation today, and the only thing they need to do is contact The Kelley Financial Group. 

This material was prepared for The Kelley Financial Group’s use.


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which strategies or investments may be suitable for you, consult the appropriate qualified professional prior to making a decision. 


The Kelley Financial Group and LPL Financial do not offer tax or legal advice or services. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.

Building Your Financial Future

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