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Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guide

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Pittsburgh is known to be a city filled with many fascinating communities and neighborhoods. If you are a visitor or even a native of the area, you may still wonder what is in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a small city filled with numerous opportunities for having fun, working, and even relaxing. It is filled with many recreational centers, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Few of the famous neighborhoods in Pittsburgh include:

North Shore

North Shore is a residential area packed with various neighborhoods. This makes it a center of attraction. North Shore does not just house well-known sporting venues but also houses a few of the world's greatest museums. Museums such as the National Aviary can be found on the North Shore. Once a rundown building, the North Shore is now one of Pittsburg's most visited and colorful structures.

South Side Flat

The South Side Flat is another fascinating neighborhood in Pittsburgh. It is situated near a river known as the Monongahela River. South Side Flat is a fascinating area to visit during the nighttime, and it is located near East Carson Street. This neighborhood is filled with bars, cafes, and even music sites. The amazing services of the employees at Jack's Bar with its superb scenery are sure to give you a swell time.


This is a well-known area in Pittsburgh. It is a very friendly environment filled with art galleries, parks, restaurants, and even schools. Children find the playground at the park very intriguing, coupled with the fact that there are ice-cream spots at the Scoop. For the adults, the taco stand keeps them very well engaged and filled also. There is also a place known as the Pitaland, which houses hummus and freshly-baked bread.

Squirrel Hill

The Squirrel Hill neighborhood is well-acknowledged for its production of top-notch pizzas. Famous pizza stalls include Aiello's and Mineo's. This area is also admired because of the amazing culinary scene. Movie lovers would also enjoy this neighborhood, seeing that it is designed with one of Pittsburgh's oldest known movie centers. The Manor is a place that features some of the best movies while giving an individual the feeling of relaxation and warmth. If you like the outdoors, the Squirrel Hill houses a wide green space for relaxation and comfort.

Station Square

The Station Square is famous for its shopping and nightlife entertainment, so if you enjoy spending time outdoors and having fun while at it, this is one of the best places for you to visit.


Bloomfield is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. It is very affordable and often referred to as Little Italy in Pittsburgh. It is the favorite environment for most students in Pittsburgh, and it is also a place where most Italian food lovers come to dine. You can try out famous centers like the Thai Stall, too. It is filled with numerous lovely attraction sites such as Liberty Avenue, a place where you can get varieties of old books. This neighborhood also performs certain annual occasions such as at Halloween and even Columbus Day.


This was formerly known to be an industrial area. It was, however, developed into a neighborhood for creativity and innovation. There are lots of domestic retailers in this neighborhood. Lawrenceville has beautiful breakfast and even brunch sites, plus numerous places to get drinks. The Church Brew Works is one of the most ancient breweries in this neighborhood, attracting individuals because of its unique scene. For those who want something entertaining, there is a cinema that plays movies at various intervals. There is also a bowling alley where individuals can go to have fun.

Strip District

Also known as The Strip, this area is like heaven for a foodie. You can start your day by having our breakfast at one of the best shops like Pamela's, or you can grab a cup of coffee from the various coffee stalls around. For lunch, you can move to any part of the strip and expect top-notch services. You can request for fish or tacos and wash it down with some freshly concocted spirit or rum at Maggie's.


Shadyside is designed with numerous kinds of scenes to soothe your taste. You can opt for the natural setting or have lunch in a fancy restaurant. The Shadyside is for individuals who wish to explore as much as they can the different cultures of Pittsburgh. One of the greatest attraction sites in Shadyside is the Jams on Walnut.


There are lots of places to have fun and relax in Pittsburgh. With this guide, you can make the most out of the neighborhoods in the city. It is packed with lots of recreational centers and relaxing areas, so there are plenty of things to do in Pittsburgh. It has sites for movie lovers, nighttime lovers, and even lovers of music. Overall, Pittsburgh provides one of the best environments for a vacation. Talk to a financial advisor at The Kelley Financial Group about saving for your next vacation.

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