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Pittsburgh PA Retirement

Top-Rated Pittsburgh Financial Advisors For Retirement

Highly Referred Pittsburgh Financial Advisor- Financial Services Locally and Nationwide

At Kelley Financial Group, we're committed to assisting you in getting one step closer to financial freedom. Start moving towards your monetary goals by working closely with one of our financial consultants today.


As a group of Pittsburgh financial planners, we strive to help you reach those goals. Waiting until later in your life to set up a budget or retirement portfolio can cost you in the long run.


Keeping track of your finances can prove to be beneficial in the long run. By management of your budgets and savings, a great amount of monetary stress can be lifted from your shoulders.


Certified Advisors in financial planning

Kelley Financial Group is a team of five highly qualified financial advisors in Pittsburgh, each offering a different specialty to best suit your needs.


Between the five of us, we offer expertise in Retirement Planning, Small Businesses, Family Finances, Charitable Giving, Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Education Planning, Investments, Social Security, Insurance, and more services.


Depending on what financial goals you have, we are ready to pair you with the perfect associates, who will be prepared to help you reach your goals.

financial advisor in Pittsburgh

a firm fully licensed in their concentration.

While there may be plenty of Pittsburgh financial consultants in the surrounding area, we aim to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the competition.


Our group has over 70 years of combined financial planning expertise, and each individual of the team is fully qualified and licensed to advise on matters of their concentration. Planning situations can be frustrating, release some of your monetary stress with the steady guidance of our Pittsburgh financial firm.

Client Communication & retirement advice

Your advisor will always be available to communicate with you, whether it be to bounce an idea off of them or to express a grievance. We understand it can be difficult to organize your finances, which is why our Pittsburgh financial planning is always just one phone call or email away with advice when you are ready to take the next step.


While it may be more beneficial to get started sooner rather than later, there really isn’t a bad time to start looking for retirement planning and begin to organize your finances.

financial advisors Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh Investment Firm

Our firm can help you organize your current finances by not only helping you make a budget, manage your debt, plan for emergency funds, and set aside for future goals, but we can also assist with much more. With Kelley Financial Group, together we can:

  • Set up a financial portfolio

  • Select a life insurance plan

  • Analyze retirement funds

  • Plan for retirement

  • Set up IRA contributions

  • Plan for College/Education

  • Plan finances for business

  • Plan caring for elderly

  • Plan caring for special needs

  • Set up a wealth transfer

  • And much more!

This is simply an overview of how our team uses you get started moving towards a life of financial planning and freedom.


The Kelley

Financial Group

Our wealth advisors in Pittsburgh help clients pursue their retirement goals and help make their lives more financially efficient. To do this, we utilize comprehensive wealth management tools and retirement planning strategy that are customized to the individual’s needs and goals.

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