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Allison Johnson

Client Services Assistant

Phone: (412) 528-1920
Fax: (412) 528-1920

Fueled by a passion for exploring the world and connecting with people, Allison brings a unique blend of hospitality expertise and communication skills to our team. With 2 years of experience in hotel management and 4 years in office administration, Allison understands the intricacies of client service, team dynamics, and efficient operations.​


​Educationally grounded in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS) with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations (Rochester Institute of Technology), Allison possesses a strong foundation in creating memorable experiences, crafting compelling narratives, and fostering positive relationships.


Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the professional realm, Allison is an avid adventurer, finding inspiration and rejuvenation in hiking and exploring new destinations. When not traversing the globe, Allison enjoys curling up with a good book or spending quality time with friends and family.

Allison navigates fast-paced environments with resourcefulness and composure. She shines as a connector, forging meaningful relationships and fostering a culture of operational efficiency with creative ingenuity. Whether navigating the complexities of client relations or crafting a captivating marketing campaign, Allison approaches each challenge with enthusiasm, dedication, and a smile.

Building Your Financial Future

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