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Is Pittsburgh Downtown Safe? What to Know

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with a reputation of being one of the safest for its size. With that, it’s located in the Pittsburgh Region of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

There’s plenty of history of culture for Pittsburgh, and the city at night is beautiful, especially when visiting for the first time. Mt. Washington, the bridges, stadiums, museums, breweries and downtown eateries all have something amazing to offer.

In fact, Pittsburgh itself has a unique personality, and that comes mainly from the people living there.

Is Pittsburgh Downtown safe? While the people there could appear rude at times, they’re all working-class citizens. Therefore, they don’t hold back when telling it like it is. However, some people are also very friendly. In fact, be prepared to have people make conversation, regardless of what else happens.

The Overall Risk Level

Pittsburgh is often seen as a safe city among others when compared to its size. Many city areas are visited by tourists, and they’re all considered safe. Ultimately, the unsafe zones are typically residential.

While it’s relatively safe, visitors to the area should always use caution when out and about.

Transport/Taxi Risks

Transportation in Pittsburgh is generally safe. However, tourists must watch for the “Pittsburgh left.” This phenomenon happens often in the area. Typically, at a traffic light, the driver wanting to turn left does so immediately as the light turns green. It doesn’t matter if another vehicle actually has the right of way.

Still, it’s important to be mindful of the surroundings. Always check taxi numbers and ensure that the driver looks welcoming and happy.


Pickpocketing isn’t a serious problem for Pittsburgh. However, there have been known to be a few bag snatchers. Always remain vigilant. When traveling, leave valuables at home or in the hotel safe. Plus, consider only carrying enough cash and credit cards to make appropriate transactions.

Natural Disasters Risk

There is a low risk of experiencing a natural disaster, especially in the Downtown Pittsburgh area. However, flooding is known to be a threat. If significant rainfall occurs, consider checking local weather reports before adventuring out to the attractions. It might be best to have an “at the hotel day” to avoid any problems.

Typically, microbursts and tornadoes are a threat, but they don’t happen frequently, and it rarely occurs in the downtown area.


Vacationers need to know: is Pittsburgh Downtown safe? Mugging is a medium risk, so people should always use extra caution when on the streets, especially at night. Some of the neighborhoods are known for higher rates of crime. Always try to walk on well-lit streets and avoid alleyways, even if it is faster. Ultimately, the best idea is to use public transportation or a taxi to get around the area for those unfamiliar with it.

Terrorism Risks

Any city or state could have an isolated mass shooting, and Pittsburgh is no different. However, it hasn’t been a target for any terrorist attacks. No one should ever rule this out, though. Be aware of the surroundings at all times. Glance upward at high-rise buildings. While relaxation is the goal of the trip, vigilance is always recommended.

Risk of Scamming

In general, the risk of scams is low for Pittsburgh. However, that isn’t to say that people don’t try the bait-and-switch. It’s best to be wary of anyone who gets in the way, blocks the street, or hails someone in the group.

They could be trying to distract everyone to steal or overcharge people for services. Anytime money is handled, be highly careful. In fact, consider having small amounts of cash in each pocket so that it doesn’t attract watchful and lustful eyes.

Women Travelers – What to Know

Women travelers should always be mindful of their surroundings. It’s easy to relax a bit and unwind after a long day of travel or fun. However, drinking too much can be a problem. Try not to overindulge with food or drink so that it’s easier to watch what others do.

Anytime a woman feels scared or unsure, it is appropriate to call the local police station. If the woman is at a trusted business establishment, she may ask for an escort from one of the staff members.

Male Travelers – What to Know

Males typically focus on being the providers and protectors of the group. However, some thieves are drawn to that because they want a challenge. It’s always best to keep the wallet out of sight and in the front pocket.

Keep a cell phone handy in case of an emergency. With that, watch out for other group members to ensure that they are being safe.


Is Pittsburgh Downtown safe? The answer is yes, for the most part. As with other major cities in the US, there are a few iffy locations. However, most tourist attractions, like the Pittsburgh Inclines, are quite safe to enjoy during business hours.

Always practice watching the surroundings and notice any gut feelings. Heed them and be careful to avoid any issues.

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