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Brewery Tours in Pittsburgh – Where Are the Best Places to Go?

While Pittsburgh might be more well-known for its food, there are various brewery tours in Pittsburgh to enjoy, as well. Most people enjoy sampling different varieties, and the best way to do that is by touring the location. With it, everyone can have sips of delicious beers, all of which are made right in the city.

It’s often fun to drink beer that is made in the same place as the vacation. Ultimately, it makes people feel closer to the cultures and local attractions because they’re enjoying beverages that were created right there in Pittsburgh.

However, it’s important to choose the right brewery tours in Pittsburgh. It’s easier to book the excursion, and everyone knows about pricing and what’s allowed beforehand. Plus, most breweries don’t allow walk-ins off the street, so it’s better to set the appointment in advance.

The Beer-Drinking Town

It’s no wonder that the beer-drinking town is full of breweries, and there are 30 just in this city alone! There is a beer in Pittsburgh for everybody’s taste buds. Before going on an excursion, it’s great to get some information about each brewery. There are even DIY tours available. That way, people can explore a premade trail, create their own, and just have fun.

The Plan

Because there are more than 30 breweries in the city, it’s important to have a drinking plan. No one wants to go off wandering and end up far away from the hotel. It’s often best to focus on the farthest-away brewery and work back to the hotel or a specific location.

Pittsburgh Breweries

With Pittsburgh Breweries, everyone can work a premade trail that the website comes up with. However, it’s also possible to craft a trail that everyone likes in the group. It’s easy to add breweries and remove them.

People can also buy the Pittsburgh Brewery Guide from any brewery in the Guild. That way, it’s easier to mark off what has been experienced. Take a few days and go to each one to see the different beers crafted there.

Brewery Options

When it comes to brewery tours in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of options. Here is a list of the top breweries in the city:

  • East End

  • Penn Brewery

  • Helicon Brewing

  • Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

  • Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

  • Cinderlands

  • Hop Farm Brewing Co.

  • Aurochs Brewing Co.

  • Spring Hill Brewing

  • The Leaning Cask Brewing Co.

  • So Many More!

Choose a Tour Company

Some people dislike the idea of going out alone. It’s often easier to hire a tour company because it offers various perks.

For example, there are often many brewery tours in Pittsburgh, and it’s easier to book the tour that everyone prefers. With that, most of the tour companies drive the group around. This is especially important because some breweries are not within walking distance. No one wants to drive while drinking, especially with Pittsburgh’s strict DUI rules.

The City Brew Tours company is a great place to start. It offers both public and private tours, so it’s easier to pick the one that meets the group’s needs.

Public Tours

There are two public tours for breweries from the company: The Original Brew and Sip of Pittsburgh Tours.

With the original tour, it includes a craft beer tour of the Steel City. There are plenty of breweries popping up in the area, and everyone can enjoy learning some beer knowledge, finding out about food pairings, and riding around in comfort. Plus, each person gets to sample a ton of delicious beer!

In fact, there are 16 beer styles available (four stops total). Meal pairings are included with each, and there are a few behind-the-scenes options no one should miss. It usually takes about five hours to complete.

Then, there is the Sip of Pittsburgh Tour. Everyone can get an exclusive peek at the production facilities for three local breweries. The guide walks the group through the process to find out why they are all unique.

This one includes three stops and 12 beer styles. Plus, each person gets a special pretzel snack with production tours and interactive lessons on beer culture and history.

Private Tours

Whether for a vacation, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate outing, or something else, private tours are also available from City Brew Tours. Prices vary based on the excursions preferred.

Plus, now there are even beer-making classes and other online options to wow the crowd.


Beer is always a popular topic, and when it comes to brewery tours in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of options. The group can do online excursions or visit the breweries in person. Regardless, plan to sample a variety of beers and enjoy learning about how it’s made.

There’s no better way to spend the day than by going to different breweries in downtown Pittsburgh. Tour the facilities, learn about the culture, and drink some beer with friends or family.

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