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Fishing in Pittsburgh

For most Pittsburghers, fishing is the perfect recreational activity. Pittsburgh is located in an area covered with water. This makes it the perfect area for fishing. However, fishing can only be done in an environment with clean and healthy water. This was not the case with Pittsburgh, but with some development, Pittsburgh became safe for fishing and perfect for tourism.

Knowing the Ropes

Having seen that Pittsburgh is now safe for fishing, it is important to know the tips for effective fishing. Before getting your poles for fishing, there are three important factors to be considered:

  • Getting a fishing license

  • Locating the perfect place to fish

  • Finding the right moment to go fishing

Best Seasons to Fish

It is best to fish during warmer seasons. No matter the area you choose to fish in, fishing is always better during the spring and autumn.

Fishing current also boosts the number of fishes that are caught. Research has shown that currents tend to activate the feeling of feeding in predators. Depending on the current level, prey fishes are gathered together, thereby making it easier for the predators to feed.

Changes in the weather condition can gravely affect the success of your fishing activity. For example, the mornings and evenings are considered the perfect time to fish for specific reasons, which include:


  • Aquatic insects tend to hatch during the mornings and immediately activate the movement of the food chain.

  • Shad also gather and spawn during the mornings.

  • Algae photosynthesis receives a boost from the early morning sun. This process aids in stimulating the food chain and enhancing oxygen. This oxygen helps in energizing fishes.


  • When the day starts to come to an end, the temperature of the water becomes optimal. This, in turn, makes the metabolism level of fishes conducive.

  • Fishes like bass are more relaxed and secure in the evenings and tend to surface more.

  • Nightfall also aids predators in ambushing their prey.

Amazing Fishing Spots in Pittsburgh

Cross Creek Lake

This is an amazing spot to fish, seeing that it provides you with about 258 acres. These acres of land allow you to fish without worrying about other anglers at the site. It is situated between Avella and Hickory, and it is one of the most amazing sites for bass fishing because of its freshwater. This haven also provides a boat with docks and even a plier.

Nine Mile Run

This is a wonderful area to explore and discover lots of fish. To reach this haven, you need to get through vegetation and pass certain pools. It provides you with an amazing experience while exploring the environment.

Presque Isle Bay

This is known to be one of the oldest harbors situated in the Great Lakes region. It is a perfect fishing site for individuals who are searching for various types of fish. This area does not just produce bass, but it also produces other species of fishes.

Neshannock Creek

Its name implies an area with two streams. It is known to produce numerous amounts of trout during springtime and fall. The Neshannock Creek is divided into two parts, known as the upside or the downside part. Most individuals tend to fish from the upside, but the downside also houses a lot of fish.

Slippery Rock Creek

This is another great area for anglers wishing to catch bass fishes. It is near the city of Pittsburgh and very convenient for most anglers. The Slippery Rock Creek is the only site that is open all through the year.

Susquehanna River

This is a popular fishing site located on the East Coast. Research has shown it to be among the largest flowing rivers connected to various water bodies. It is well-known for housing large amounts of bass fishes. Aside from bass, this river is also home to other fish such as walleye, panfish, and even catfish.

Oil Creek

Oil Creek serves as one of the largest homes to fish like bass and trout. Anglers that further explore this creek can also discover other wild fish. It is a creek filled with mysteries and lots of unseen discoveries.

Lehigh River

This river is known to be filled with different types of fish such as rainbow trout, brook, and brown. It is most populated during the springtime and summer. The Lehigh River is one of the most fascinating environments in Pittsburgh to go on a tour or fishing trip.


Pittsburgh is the home to numerous water bodies that house different species of fish. It is a great environment that can also serve as a tourist center for visitors. Both visitors and residents of Pittsburgh can indulge in fishing activities. Research has shown that the best time to fish is during the warm seasons. It is also known that the mornings and evenings are the best times when fish surface. Getting the right tools, knowing the perfect environment to fish and the best time to go fishing is going to make your experience in Pittsburgh a memorable one.

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