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Boat Rides in Pittsburgh – Where to Go for Fun

When taking a vacation to Pittsburgh, it is important to focus on many different aspects. Primarily, people enjoy hiking, biking, and taking boat rides in Pittsburgh, and there are many locations to assist.

In fact, it’s possible to go kayaking, ride a tour boat, and do so much. When it comes time to plan the trip, it’s essential to consider boating in its many forms. Here are a few of the best companies that offer boat rides in Pittsburgh:

Rivers of Steel

Rivers of Steel focuses on showing the innovation and artistry of Southwestern Pennsylvania. There is plenty of cultural and industrial heritage, and people can experience it all with a transformative experience.

The company offers many workshops and tours, which means travelers to the city always have something exciting to do. With that, there are various attractions to enjoy, such as the:

  • Pump House

  • Explorer Riverboat

  • Carrie Blast Furnaces

  • WA Young & Sons Foundry/Machine Shop

  • Bost Building

Everyone can enjoy a unique sightseeing tour. Just get aboard the Explorer riverboat, and experience a 90-minute excursion of the three rivers of Pittsburgh.

It’s also great to go back in time to the 1900s to see how things used to be manufactured. Watch as someone makes something by hand using these still-working machines. It’s a great experience for young children and those who are young at heart.

No one should leave the city without taking a tour of the Carrie Blast Furnaces. This National Historic Landmark is a great place to go, where vacationers can see and experience everything on a guided tour. While it is on land, people must take a boat to get there, making it a great boat ride!

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats

Everyone has probably seen a movie or two that shows the characters in a boat, pedaling away, either quickly or slowly. Now, the entire family can do that themselves. The Pittsburgh Pedal Boats company is open for corporate events, birthday parties, and family outings.

In fact, people can rent a pedal-powered party boat, which is the only one of its kind in the city. Vacationers can pedal down the scenic three rivers of downtown Pittsburgh. Each boat holds 15 guests, and there are non-pedal seats and 10 pedal stations.

For those with a shorter guest list, there are double-passenger boats available, as well. That means everyone can enjoy what the rivers have to offer. Go it slow and enjoy the scenery or pedal as fast as possible to burn some calories after eating all the delicious food Pittsburgh has to offer!

Cruisin’ Tikis Pittsburgh

Many vacationers want to experience the city of Pittsburgh from a different perspective. Cruisin’ Tikis Pittsburgh guarantees that everyone can have a fun experience and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The tour focuses on the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny Rivers, where people can enjoy a relaxing boat cruise. It’s possible to choose a two-hour cruise for private sightseeing, and each tour holds six people. However, for larger families, two boats can be tied together.

It’s easy to get there, too. The charters board the boat on the North Shore or at the Station Square Marina. There are plenty of photo opportunities from the water, so everyone can see local points of interest and iconic landmarks.

Plus, each boat has a fully licensed captain who is Coast Guard certified. With that, people can bring along whatever snacks and beverages they like. The boats are also equipped with Bluetooth-enabled stereos, so plug in a smartphone and listen to music while cruising along.

Bushwhacker Fishing Charters

While some people might not like fishing, others swarm to these types of tours. With Bushwhacker Fishing Charters, everyone can experience great family-friendly fun on Lake Erie.

It’s easy to catch Bass, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Walleye. The lead captains are there to offer assistance or advice whenever it’s needed. Plus, safety is a huge concern for the company. Since Lake Erie can be dangerous with strong winds and high waves, the captains are trained to handle them easily. No one is ever left in unsafe conditions.

Plus, there’s no need to teach the family how to fish before taking the tour. The captains and ship crew want the group to be involved. Therefore, they teach everyone how to run the program, which includes monitoring electronics, deploying rods, and getting those fish into the boat!


When taking a vacation, there are so many things to do. However, most people naturally flock to the water, and the best way to enjoy it is on a boat. Whether the goal is to relax, burn some calories, or fish, there are plenty of boat rides in Pittsburgh.

Instead of staying at the hotel pool, get out, be adventurous, and see what the city rivers have in store. Everyone can enjoy the scenery and learn something new while experiencing Pittsburgh in a new way.

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