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Does Money Double Every 7 Years?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hopeful people sometimes believe what others say, and they wonder ‘does money double every 7 years?’. Nonetheless, many factors can influence how much a person earns, for example, their investment decisions.

This guide explains the basics of the Rule of 72, why it's related to calculating potential earning, and why doubling money is not as straightforward as some people believe, so hiring a financial planner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is always the most convenient option.

What Is the Rule of 72 and How Does it Work?

The Rule of 72 is a specific rule that investors use to calculate the amount of time an investment decision could take to double. It assumes no additional contributions and a precise annual rate of return.

Overall, the Rule of 72 works by dividing the number 72 by an expected annual return. The result is the years that it might take the person to double said return.

When someone uses the Rule of 72 to calculate how long it might take them to double their investment, they may wonder why people say money doubles every seven years.

Many people wrongly say that money doubles every seven years, but the Rule of 72 is enough to prove that things are not as straightforward as they appear, especially if the person does not have the help of an experienced financial advisor like the ones at Kelley Financial Group.

How to Achieve Investment Goals

The Rule of 72 is a good way for beginners to get started and understand the basics of investing. It provides a framework, and a lot of people need it to comprehend simple concepts, which is essential to make better investment decisions.

However, the best way for someone to achieve their investment goals is to hire a professional financial advisor to help them with their process. These professionals are certified and prepared to guide clients.

After assessing the client's needs and wishes, the financial advisor can help them make a specific plan to ensure they achieve their goals. They could, for example, mention specific stocks and bonds they can invest in, and recommend different things depending on the risk level the client is willing to take.

It's Not Good for Everyone

Even though the Rule of 72 is helpful for some, it's not very accurate if a person wants to calculate their potential return when there are contributing factors they can't control. A good example of that is investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, or any other similar thing that's part of a fluctuating or volatile market.

When someone starts having difficulties calculating their annual rate of return, they might need a financial advisor for different strategies to achieve their financial goals. Therefore, hiring a financial advisor could be the best method, especially if they get help from professionals at Kelley Financial Group.

Unlike other types of professionals, financial advisors understand other ways to calculate return when different variables are at play. At the same time, they can help the client plan their financial future, assess risks, and even design a specific strategy to achieve certain goals, such as saving for their children's education, or their own retirement.

Why a Financial Advisor Can Help

Financial advisors are certified experts that evaluate the person's assets, their financial goals, and their views for the future. Thus, if someone wants to get a specific amount of money in seven years, the advisor could help them design a plan to invest correctly and achieve that.

Instead of simply trying to follow the Rule of 72, the person can rely on the financial investor, who has many more strategies to help them through the process. They can assess risks, evaluate the stock market, and recommend things the client might not be able to identify otherwise.

People should keep in mind that the Rule of 72 does not take investment fees into account. Additionally, the common saying that money doubles every seven years does not apply to every case, which is why clients who want to achieve specific financial goals should hire professionals to help them.


Even though many people say 'does money double every 7 years?’ That's a myth because it depends on many factors. If someone wants to achieve a specific financial goal, they should hire the advisors at Kelley Financial Group to get expert help.

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