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Why Do People Seek Financial Advisors?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Clients often wonder ‘why do people seek financial advisors?’ especially when they want to understand how professionals can help them improve their situation.

This article explains some reasons why people look for professional help, particularly when they want to change their financial situation or prepare for the future.

Reasons why people seek Financial Advisors

Reasons why people seek Financial Advisors

They Want to Learn to Manage Their Money

The most common reason why people seek financial advice is that they feel like they need professional help to manage their money.

Just because someone hires a top-rated wealth advisor in Pittsburgh PA doesn't mean they don't know anything about money management. On the contrary, it often means they recognize their own flaws, and they want to improve their situation.

People Are Starting a Family

Another common reason why people hire financial advisors is starting a family. When they have additional members incoming, they might want to adopt better strategies when it comes to handling their money.

Raising a child is very costly, and costs don't include saving for college and additional expenses. Thus, hiring a financial advisor might be the ideal solution since they're professionals that could guide couples through the process and suggest effective strategies.

Having more family members is enough reason for everyone to start feeling slightly anxious, but financial advisors can ease those nerves, especially the ones at Kelley Financial Group, who are experienced and ready to help clients.

They Want to Buy or Sell a Home

Some financial decisions require people to deploy all their financial resources, and that can be very daunting, particularly if they've never done it before.

One of the best things about hiring a financial advisor before buying or selling a house is that they can help even before people start home hunting. The professionals assess clients regarding the amount of debt they could take on, how much money they could pay, and how to continue achieving their money-related goals, like doubling their money.

Overall, buying or selling a house is a big financial decision, so it's no surprise that so many people hire advisors to help them with it.

Couples Are Getting Divorced or Married Again

Partners need to deal with many things when they're getting a divorce or when they're getting remarried. They must, for example, manage the emotional roller coaster that comes along with it, which can be very stressful.

Moreover, both parties must often spend a lot of money, regardless of the expenses they want to cut. Thus, hiring a financial advisor is a fantastic idea, especially if they feel anxious about the future.

Financial advisors can help both parties determine how they can divide the assets (in the case of divorce), whether or not they have enough income to support their lifestyle (when they're getting remarried), and so on.

They Have Received a Cash Influx

Sometimes, the cause for hiring a financial advisor does not have to do with spending money. On some occasions, people might receive an influx of cash, such as an inheritance, which might lead them to get expert help.

When someone goes from having a specific amount of money to having much more, they might wonder many things and feel confused. Therefore, financial advisors exist to help them and suggest the best actions, including what they could do to ensure a stable future.

People Approach Retirement Age

The last reason on the list has to do with the person's age. When someone approaches retirement, they might start worrying about their future and whether or not they are making the right choices.

A financial advisor can help clients decide better, especially if they don't know the type of accounts they should set up, or how they should invest to experience the retirement they want.

Even though retirement can make many people worried and scared, the help from experts at Kelley Financial Group eases the process. Professionals can guide clients, so they look beyond their short-term needs and achieve their long-term financial goals.


In many cases, clients want to get professional help, which is why they often wonder ‘why do people seek financial advisors?’ and it's a fantastic way to start being interested in that kind of expert. Anyone can benefit from hiring them, especially if they have to make crucial decisions or want to achieve specific goals.

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