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  • Michael DiBartolomeo

Can I Take My Pension at 55 and Still Work?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

In many cases, clients ask ‘can I take my pension at 55 and still work?’ especially if they're worried about their future. There are several factors they should keep in mind, which are essential to ensure they enjoy the last stage of their lives while being financially stable. This article discusses the main points clients should consider.

Retirement Is Different for Everyone

Retirement Is Different for Everyone

Some people believe retirement consists of not working again because that's what they want. They might have worked for most of their lives, and they see retirement as endless vacations.

Nonetheless, that's not true for all cases. In some instances, people might want to keep working after they retire because they either love their jobs or enjoy keeping themselves occupied.

Whichever the case, everyone must keep in mind that retirement is different for each person. There are no rules regarding what someone should do after they're 55, which is why people must evaluate what they want to determine the best options they could choose.

Even though retirement sounds fun, it may be a cause for anxiety if the person wants to keep working and is unsure of whether they can do it or not. Thus, they should find out as much information as they can on the matter and start looking for alternatives in case they need them.

People Can Take Their Pension at 55

Generally speaking, people are allowed to take their pension at 55. Each case might be different, so individuals must consider their circumstances when they're nearing retirement age.

Alternatively, seeing a financial advisor is always a much better choice than trying to understand all the intricacies of financial situations when approaching retirement age. Instead of doing everything by themselves, clients can get professionals to help them, such as the ones at Kelley Financial Group.

Even though people can take their pension at 55, they might not want to if they believe they can't keep working. Nonetheless, that's not the case in most instances. Even so, if they want to understand everything about their financial situation, they should hire an advisor.

Are There Disadvantages?

People can take their pension at 55 and still continue to work, but if they don't make the right financial decisions, it could hinder their future.

Something very common among clients who take their pension and work is to pay more taxes, which may endanger their financial stability. At the same time, they could accidentally reduce their pension's growth ability.

Paying taxes and fees is mandatory, but clients should know that there are ways to reduce how much they pay. Nonetheless, not everyone knows how to make that happen, which is why hiring professionals is so important.

What Is the Best Option?

Living a happy retirement life and still enjoying the benefits of a pension is possible if the person knows how to make the best financial decisions. Additionally, just because they're retired doesn't mean they can't continue growing their assets. On the contrary, it might be a great moment to invest if they have the knowledge to do it.

The best alternative clients can go for to achieve their goals is hiring a financial advisor, especially the ones at Kelley Financial Group. They're professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge to evaluate their assets, assess their goals, and provide experienced financial services.

When someone is approaching retirement age, they might feel many different things. They could, for example, regret some financial choices they made in the past, experience anxiety about their future, and confusion if they don't know what to do.

However, financial advisors understand all these factors and can provide the best advice. They are empathetic professionals who listen to the client's needs and suggest effective solutions for their problems. After they assess their goals, their job is to identify the best alternatives and help the person shape the path they want for their desired future.


Many clients ask, ‘can I take my pension at 55 and still work?’ because they're worried about their future or they don't know much about finances. Even though they can enjoy both things, if they want to ensure they make the best financial decisions regarding retirement, hiring an advisor is a fantastic option.



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