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What to Know Before Seeing a Financial Advisor?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Wondering what to know before seeing a financial advisor is very common, especially if the person has never hired this type of professional before. Thus, they should keep several factors in mind if they want to have a smooth process and hire the best expert they can. This guide offers some information all clients might want to know.

What Is a Financial Advisor?

What Is a Financial Advisor?

Financial advisors are professionals in the world of finances, and they are knowledgeable experts who identify opportunities and recommend them to clients.

People who hire financial advisors can get guidance to make the best financial decisions. Thus, they not only have the experience to understand a lot about finances, but the strategies to ensure clients’ actions benefit their own goals.

Are They Certified Professionals?

Some people might say they're financial advisors, but if they don’t have the certifications, it means they don't have the experience nor the knowledge to help clients.

All financial advisors are certified professionals, which means they have to study for a long time before being able to help other people. Once they get their certifications, they're prepared to identify good opportunities for others depending on the case, and they can also evaluate different factors, assess risks, and identify if a specific action would be good for the client or not.

Financial Advisors Offer Different Payment Forms

Each financial advisor is unique, and they might offer the client different alternatives to manage payment. Some professionals, for example, ask for hourly rates.

On the other hand, other experts prefer to ask for a specific percentage of the person's assets, which might be convenient for some clients but not for others.

Overall, clients must understand that financial advisors exist to help them achieve their goals. At the same time, they are prepared professionals who deserve their payment, which is why the person must evaluate if they have the necessary budget to hire them.

Experts at Kelley Financial Group, for instance, are knowledgeable professionals ready to help clients and guide them through their financial decisions, and people can ask for their fees if they want to know more or visit this page.

Hiring a Financial Advisor Is a Good Idea

In some cases, clients believe the best way to handle their finances is by doing things by themselves. However, that's often a bad idea because they probably don't have the experience or the knowledge to make the best choices.

Consequently, they might invest in the wrong things, spend more money than they should, or make reckless decisions that affect their future. Instead, financial advisors can help them not only achieve their goals, but also ensure they multiply and distribute their assets well.

They Can Help with Many Different Things

Financial advisors have the knowledge to help with a number of different things. On the one hand, their guidance is vital if the person wants to make a specific plan to achieve a financial goal, such as doubling their assets in a precise amount of time.

On the other hand, they can also evaluate the market and identify the best investment opportunities. They can recommend specific stocks, bonds, or different alternatives the client should consider.

When someone hires a financial advisor, the professional can also recommend they open accounts, such as checking or retirement accounts depending on the client's goals and guide you on what to do with your pension. Generally speaking, they might evaluate the clients’ assets, what they want, and suggest actions to ensure they get fantastic outcomes.

When People Should Hire a Financial Advisor

Many people wonder when the right time is to hire a financial advisor. Nonetheless, they should keep in mind that the answer varies from person to person.

Even so, there are specific moments when a financial advisor might be more helpful, for example, when the client wants to buy a property, when they're getting divorced or remarried, when they're having children, or when they're approaching retirement age.


In some cases, people wonder what to know before seeing a financial advisor. Although there are different things they must keep in mind, they should remember that professionals can help them with their process. Experts at Kelley Financial Group are ready, and they can evaluate the client's needs and guide them to guarantee they get the results they're looking for.

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