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What is Pittsburgh Famous for?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

There are many incredible things to do in Pittsburgh, a city that effortlessly balances innovative science and technology industries with a passion for nature. The world-class museums founded by renowned industrialists are where you can find various sophisticated arts and culture scenes.

There are several beautiful state parks and gardens all over the city. There are also many different activities to take part in, and that makes Pittsburgh well known among people.

The following are things Pittsburgh is famous for:

Riverboat Cruising

One of the best ways tourists and residents of Pittsburgh tour the city is by taking a cruise, as the city is built around the confluence of three rivers. If you opt to take a sightseeing trip, you move along the main waterways where everything is covered by narration, ranging from the tech revolution, significant architectural sights to the city's whole history.

If you enjoy a buffet with some music, fun themed activities with your kids, wine or bourbon tasting, or fireworks, then you can opt to take dinner cruises. You get to see the major land-based sites if you take an amphibious cruise, which also lets you see more of Pittsburgh.

Market Square

A very historic center of Pittsburgh is Market Square, which was home to the first newspaper office, jail, and courthouse in the 18th century. Thanks to advancements, it is now filled with restaurants and shops, making it a fantastic spot for people to window-shop and watch.

In areas around Market Square, you see cheese suppliers, fragrant cosmetic stores, boutique clothing stores, and much more.

The Pittsburgh Farmer's Market is hosted every Thursday and is where you are provided with locally grown produce and fresh homemade food. You can choose to stock up on maple liqueur and spiced rum from Wigle Whiskey, try gourmet fudge and artisan truffles from Chocolate Fusion or eat pierogi prepared with a secret family recipe at Gosia's.

Riding the Funicular Railway

It is challenging to climb up the steep ascent of Mount Washington, which is why various steam-powered funicular railways were built in the 19th century to transport goods and people up and down.

The Duquesne Incline still functions now to ferry passengers up to experience stunning hillside views.

Your journey to the top doesn't have to be boring, as you can hop into the original and refurbished 140-year-old wooden car. The waiting room is filled with old newspaper clippings, period photographs, and historical exhibits; you can also sneak a peek inside the machinery to see how it operates. There is an observation deck at the top of Duquesne, which lets you enjoy a panorama of Pittsburgh and its rivers.

Carnegie Museum of Art

Founded in 1895 by popular Pittsburgh industrialist Andrew Carnegie, The Carnegie Museum of Art is one of the foremost contemporary art museums in the US. It focuses on 20th-century art, having over 32,000 photographs, prints, sculptures, and paintings. Some of its most recognizable and famous art pieces include Rodin sculptures, Rembrandt sketches, Ansel Adams photographs, and a couple of Monet's landscape paintings.

The museum is also home to a large collection of photographs by a local newspaper photographer, Charles Harris, who went around capturing the day-to-day life in Pittsburgh. Custom prints of various artworks are offered in the collection, so you could take one of the masterpieces back with you if you wanted to.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Spread across 15 acres of green land in Schenley Park is a tranquil leafy retreat known as Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The glorious Victorian glass and steel greenhouse is a centerpiece, and it houses an amazing collection of tropical flowers, desert plants, orchids, and a butterfly forest. There are many shaded walkways, sparkling fountains, an herb garden, and a medicinal garden on the outside.

You do not want to miss the Tropical Forest Conservatory with its luxuriant tropical plants and gushing waterfalls or the Fruit and Spice Room, where allspice, coffee, and cinnamon are grown.

The gardens house an astonishing collection of art, with the perfect blend of modern glass art sculptures and vintage masterpieces.

Point State Park

At the heart of the city, there are 36 acres of land on a spit at the point the where three rivers converge. This is where you find Point State Park. It was fought over by the French and British and was the first area to be settled in the 18th century.

You can opt to enjoy the elegant grounds, canoe along the river, cycle the promenade, or take a tour around the riverside trails with a picnic. There is a magnificent 150-ft fountain at the edge of the point, which is a must-visit.


Pittsburgh is a city that is famous for many eye-catching and spectacular reasons. So, there are enough activities to engage in and sites to see when you visit Pittsburgh. So, if you are ever wondering if Pittsburgh is worth visiting, the answer is yes.

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